Sustainable Conservation and Community Development projects in the Mara

through friends of House in the Wild and The Wild Hub.



The Futures in the Wild is a program Tarquin and Lippa Wood have set up to help support sustainable community development and conservation efforts in the Mara.

With their ecotourism enterprises, they aim to be as low impact as possible, to be community and conservation orientated and to have a significant positive impact on the people and environment in which they live and work.

They help to connect the dots between guests, friends and families who would like to make a contribution towards the conservation of the Mara Ecosystem and the communities that live here. They help design projects to suit any size of donation. They take no fee and 100% of the donation goes directly to the projects. They introduce donors to suppliers of items the community or conservation projects need and help with the delivery and logistics. The Woods believe that if the community and conservation efforts are thriving in the area in which we are operating, then we hope our business will also thrive!


“The most important perceived threat to elephants is the loss and fragmentation of habitat caused by ongoing human population expansion and rapid land conversion.”




Making A Difference

"The support of our guests and partners is essential in bringing our conservation vision to life as we celebrate 10 years of ecotourism in this area. This important work, alongside the incredible area in which we are custodians and the thrill of sharing this magical place with visitors from across the world, is at the core of everything we do."

Lippa Wood

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Supporting the Emarti Health Clinic
Giving access to family planning and
Women’s empowerment.
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Giving children access to quality education through helping to support the local schools infrastructure development.
We also support Early Childhood Development projects and work with the Emarti Development Committee on 
teaching the Emarti children Environmental Awareness and about conservation and wildlife through the Mara Training Centre.



Supporting the Enonkishu Conservancy  a fundamental buffer zone to the Mara Serengeti ecosystem where wildlife and livestock together are thriving.

We also have created a program called Trees in the Wild where we have created an Indigenous Tree Seedling Nursery and tree growing program in the Greater Mara.

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Providing the community with access to clean water and improving hygiene and sanitation.

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Supporting local sustainable business development
o Herds for Growth
o Honey production
o Soap making



All guests and friends are given the opportunity to take part in any project in which they have made a donation, alongside their safari.


We are in it for the Long Run.


High end eco lodge

On the edge of the Mara River, House in the Wild offers guests an exclusive safari destination, with luxury accommodation, delicious farm to table food and the opportunities to get involved in our sustainable development and conservation projects.


Comfortable safari

Safari accommodation on the Mara River further upstream to House in the Wild, The Wild Hub offers guests an incredible safari experience that is more affordable but also allows them the chance to get involved in our community and conservation projects.


A safari investment in conservation

Naretoi offers investors the opportunity to own a property in the Maasai Mara, and support conservation. Buyers are able to build their dream safari home on a 5 acre plot on the Naretoi estate.  This estate has gone through a pioneering re-wilding program, where an intensive farm has returned to its natural state and now provides a protected wildlife habitat for thriving biodiversity on the edge of the Mara Ecosystem. 


Maasai Mara, Kenya

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