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The Emarti Health Clinic serves about 4000 people and has limited resources and personnel.

There is a small maternity ward and a consulting room. It is able to provide care for basic injuries and illnesses, but for more complicated or serious issues, patients are referred to Longisa or Tenwick hospitals which are a 2 hour drive away.  We have chosen to work with AMREF on the renovations and service provision due to our strong family connection and their transparency, reliability and quality of service.

Image by Ian Macharia


The population growth in the area was last recorded at

10% per annum.

Traditionally Maasai girls are expected to marry very young and have many children.

In order to address this we are working on improving access to quality education for girls and family planning initiatives.

We also provide eco -sanitary products to girls at the school in partnership with HURU international, reducing girls absenteeism from schools and reducing environmental waste. These kits are made in Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum and include 3 reusable sanitary towels, instructions, washing and hygiene kit, booklet on family planning.

Image by Eyasu Etsub


Due to FGM which is also commonly practiced, coupled with the young age of the mothers in the community, there are often several complications and intervention is often necessary during labour. The Emarti Clinic is under resourced and we are raising funding for an upgrade in the facilities in partnership with AMREF.

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